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Hospital porter Part 1: Balancing on two wheels

Bloomsbury, 1987 I attended my last British Medical Association conference as a junior doctors’ representative one sunny Saturday. I had finished long years of postgraduate training and I had applied for a post as consultant psychiatrist in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (I did not get the job). The conference concerned a document called “Hospital Medical Staffing: Achieving a […]

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Carthage must be destroyed

Back in July 2017, the Welsh Government announced that the introduction of a minimum unit price for alcohol would be part of their legislative programme in the coming year. Today, the Public Health (Minimum Price for Alcohol) (Wales) Bill has been put before the Welsh Assembly. This is really good news, but minimum unit pricing […]

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We have been here before

As I write, the news is dominated by the Grenfell Tower disaster. Yesterday it was confirmed that in the recent refurbishment flammable plastic cladding was installed rather than the recommended fire-proof alternative. This gave rise to a saving of £2/square metre. It is far too soon to say whether this was the main reason for […]

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