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Insurgency in theatre greens

The junior doctors’ dispute has induced a mood of apocalyptic gloom everywhere that the medical profession gathers. Moaning has always been part of medical culture, but none of us have ever seen anything remotely like this before. The entire profession is very apprehensive about the forthcoming strike, despite extraordinary levels of support for Dr Malawana […]

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‘Brexit’: who came up with that?

Three weeks ago I received my Senior Railcard. I have left middle age behind and can spend my remaining years travelling in cut-price comfort. This milestone was quickly followed by another. I was included as a signatory in a letter in the Times (read it here). There were an awful lot of us; I was […]

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We really do want our ball back

The entire political establishment, including its commentariat wing, are in a frenzy. The Labour Party has sent out ballot papers and the imminent possibility of Jeremy Corbyn being elected leader is construed as the end of political life as we know it or, at the very least, doom for the Party itself. Senior Party figures […]

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